Safe, happening cityscape: Smart Janpath becoming hangout zone for all

Bhubaneswar: With the Capital City changing rapidly with its new urban space, making it a vibrant destination to roam around and just be at one’s favourite place and enjoying the ambience, the Smart Janpath Project along the Vani Vihar and Sishu Bhawan Square corridor, has metamorphosed into a safe, admirable and enjoyable place for friends, families, students and even small kids.
The places from Ekamra Plaza near Sishu Bhawan Square up to the Master Canteen Square where the I Love Bhubaneswar Plaza is under development, people have started experiencing the beautiful lighting and ambience. Families and friends in groups are coming in large numbers just to hang around, take selfies and capture the wonderful moments together.
Tulika Panda, a young entrepreneur and mother said “since my childhood days I am here in the city, but the way as the Janpath transformation is happening, I am really fortunate to see the vibrant change, as we had only knew about the Temple City tag. Now I can proudly say that Bhubaneswar has become the happening city of the East and with development and sports facilities the transformation is bold and beautiful.’’
Devi Prasad Patra a consultant with a state government project in the city, was of the opinion that the city has suddenly become a beautiful, happening and vibrant urban space and the lights, landscaping and beautification have added to its charm. The Smart Janpath, which has taken shape from the Sishu Bhavan-end has become a safe hangout zone for the young public and they are enjoying a lot.
Ipsita Mishra, homemaker of the Old Town area in the city said “the gateway to the Old City near the Ekamra Plaza might have become a sought-after selfie zone, but it beautifully represents the combination of the Old and new at the beginning of the Smart Janpath. I wish the wonderful work would make the entire Sishu Bhawav-Vani Vihar stretch colourful in near future.
Aurora, a Class V student of DAV Public School Pokhariput feels that the new look of the Capital has come as a nice achievement for the Smart City in the making. “I know that our city’s proposal was cantered around a child-friendly concept, but after seeing the development and the safe ambience I feel that it will be a reality very soon. The bus queue shelters along the Janpath are also looking great with the lighting and beautiful structure.’’
Tushar Nayak, a engineering student said “during the evening time not only waiting for the Mo Buses, but sitting and roaming around the bus queue shelters have become a good “time pass’’ for our group and we are happy that more people are getting inspired to ride Mo Cycle as many public bicycle sharing stations are night near the BQS.’’
Photo enthusiast Niladri Bihari Panda, a senior manager in RBI, Chennai, who visited the city recently, said “to me the transformation in my city has brought a new look and spirit. I think the entire city has become such a sight that everywhere people are just waiting for a while and taking selfies. I think it would be apt to call my city now a Selfie City.’’
About Smart Janpath
The redevelopment of Janpath Road includes streetscape design, beautification, landscaping, intersection redesign, and infrastructure upgrades with construction of new pavement, rehabilitation of existing pavement, construction and/or rehabilitation of major and minor bridges, culverts, road intersections, interchanges, drains, etc.
Janpath Road envisaged as the People’s Smart Path. This will be a dedicated corridor for pedestrians, cyclists, underground utilities. The entire stretch shall have active public plazas, proper crossings on the junctions, street furniture and dedicated vending zones. The total length would be around 5.8 km.

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