Reconnect with Nature on the Chandaka Trail

Bhubaneshwar: Bhubaneswar is bound by the Daya River to the south and the Kuakhai River to the east, providing an unparalleled richness in biodiversity of which Chandaka Wildlife Sanctuary and Nandankanan Zoological Park are exceptional sites of successful conservation stories.Through the carefully curated nature trails at Chandaka, one can experience and appreciate the wild.

Embarking on the Chandaka Nature Trail will envelop your soul in the freshness of the morning mist as you glide through the surreal foggy foliage of Chandaka on a walk. This special trail is part of the ongoing .FEST (Bhubaneswar City Festival).

The ancient forest trails of Chandaka-Dampara Sanctuary is spread over approximately 193 sq. km. The forest, once part of a huge tract of an unending forest referred as reserve forest in text books, used to connect Odisha with Central India. It was later declared as an elephant sanctuary in the year 1982. Located at a location more than 20 km. from Bhubaneswar, today the semi evergreen forest acts as the lungs of the state capital. The sanctuary also happens to be the North Eastern limit of the Eastern Ghat mountain range.

The Chandaka Nature Trail offers immense opportunity to the burgeoning crowd of nature lovers and enthusiasts and will help create awareness about the role that the delicate natural ecosystems play in context of securing a safe future for the next generation.With two access points being set on a rotational basis, the sanctuary offers you an opportunity to experience the natural treasures of Chandaka. The trail will be a comfortably paced walk of 6-8k.m. with multiple stops to explain specific aspects of the forest and refreshment breaks. Along with a brief history of the topographical masterpiece, you will also have the opportunity to take a masterclass in wildlife photography.

“Thank God such walks are not restricted to providing informative content. It makes the whole experience of forest walk replete with relevant information about the biodiversity. It is certainly a wonderful way to detoxify,” said Ritesh.

Getting into the forest instantly improves the mood. Another participant of the walk Dr Alok Buddiya quipped “Forest walk de-clutters the brain. The therapeutic properties and their benefits of nature can be easily accessed through such forest trails. Bhubaneswar Nature Walks is a medicine for the tired soul of our city. I hope each of us takes out time to experience this communion with nature.”

The usual walking trail for Chandaka begins at Godibari Enterance Gate at 6.30 am every Sunday. One can register for the walk online here and sign up to truly experience the magic of nature.

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