Raipur : Jheeram Memorial will always remind us of the sacrifice made by our martyrs

New Delhi :The bitter memories of naxal attack at Jheeram Valley on May 25, 2013 still haunt the minds of people in the state, especially the family members of the martyrs. Today on the occasion of Jheeram Martyr Memorial Day, Chief Minister came all the way to inaugurate Jheeram Memorial in Jagdalpur. Family members of the martyrs were overwhelmed with emotions to have Chief Minister amidst them on this important occasion. Makdali’s husband was martyred in the Jheeram attack. When she saw the statue of her husband, she was overwhelmed with emotions. She held the statue of her husband and started crying. Makdali said that her husband has sacrificed his life for the nation. Government has established the memorial to honour the memories of her husband and other martyrs. It is an extremely emotional moment for all of us and it is a great assurance to have Chief Minister with them in this moment, said Makdali. She thanked Chief Minister saying that the government has always taken care of the families of the martyrs. Her son has been given compassionate appointment in PWD.
Referring to the Jheeram attack, Makdali told that on the fateful day, when she reached home from the market, her daughter was in front of the TV. She was in tears when she told her that there was an attack in Jheeram and her father was martyred. We still shudder to remember that moment, said Makdali. This memorial built in the honour of the martyrs of Jheeram attack will remind the coming generations of their sacrifices for years to come.

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