Raipur : Establish processing units in Gauthans according to the availability of locally produced herbal medicines: Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel

New Delhi : Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel chaired a review meeting of district level officials in Baikunthpur of Koriya district on Monday as a part of his meet and greet campaign. Heaping praise on the officials for their commendable work, he said his visit to Koriya district was a pleasant experience and gave them best wishes for the future.

The Chief Minister said that processing units should be set up in Gauthans according to the availability of locally produced forest medicines to give maximum benefits to the farmers and forest dwellers at local level besides promoting local produce. Parliamentary Secretary Mrs. Ambika Singh Deo, MLA Mr. Gulab Kamro and Dr. Vinay Jaiswal were also present in the meeting.

Stating that forestland rights certificates are already being distributed to the forest dwellers, he asked to focus on the development of Van Dhan Kendras. He asked the forest department officials maintain transparency in distribution of incentive amount for collection of tendu leaves. Pointing out that the core objective of state government’s scheme is to boost income of common people, he asked to ensure that money is reaching in their pockets. Heaping praise on the business activities conducted by women’s group in Katkona, he said that they are producing and selling vermi compost from cow dung and also selling centering plates useful in building construction, which is a good sign.

Stating that health and safety of people of the state remains our number one priority, Chief Minister asked the officials concerned to ensure that benefits of healthcare schemes reach the last person. He urged that the scheduled time of operation of Haat Bazar clinic should be displayed and people should be made aware of the clinic timings and free-of-cost medicine distribution. He gave directions to the Health Department to gear up to tackle seasonal diseases. Besides, he asked the officials of the Women and Child Development Department to ensure that nutritious food is provided to the beneficiaries in the Anganwadis. In addition, green vegetables should be made available in the food of the beneficiaries for twelve months to combat malnutrition.

The Chief Minister asked the officials of the Revenue and Tribal Development Department to ensure availability of basic facilities including electricity, water and cleanliness in ‘Devgudis’. Mr. Baghel said that in the cases of tribal women married in other communities, ensure that the legal land rights women are maintained. He said a state level team will be sent for research to resolve the problems being faced in making caste certificates of sub-tribal groups.

Mr. Baghel asked to ensure smooth implementation of mid-day meal scheme in schools and timely completion of syllabus. He asked the revenue officers to resolve 170B cases within the time limit. The orders for distribution of undisputed land conversions issued by the Panchayats should be updated in the Bhuiyan software within the stipulated time frame. He also reviewed the progress of other departmental schemes including food and panchayat departments.

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