Rahul Gandhi asks government to spell out post-May 17 strategy

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi asks government to spell out post-May 17 strategy. He said this while addressing reporters via video-conference .

While addressing reporters via video-conference on the observations made by the party’s internal committee, Gandhi said, “The lockdown doesn’t mean switching on and off the key. It requires a psychological change The opening itself is a transition.”

There is an atmosphere of fear in India and the world today. The atmosphere of fear has to end before ending the lockdown, otherwise no one will come out. Media colleagues also need to help end this fear says Rahul Gandhi.

Everyone has a responsibility. Everyone should forget which party they belong to, the only thing to be remembered is that we are all Indians and together we have to end the fear & the economy has to be brought back on track says Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi urges the government to immediately inject a sum of Rs 7,500 directly into 50 per cent of Indian households to help ease the economic pain caused by the coronavirus lockdown.

The Congress leader is also advocating a slew of measures to help MSMEs, including a Rs 1 lakh crore wage protection scheme and a six-month interest subsidy.

“It is pretty clear that a lot of these companies are going to go down. If we do not do anything, a massive number of them are going to go down,” Rahul Gandhi said.

“We have to build a wall for them so they can fight what is coming,” he said. “We have to build financial support behind them.”

“The disease is dangerous for a few categories of people. It is dangerous for old people, for those who have diabetes, hypertension etc. But other than that, it is not a dangerous disease,” Rahul said.

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