PM Narendra Modi’s reply to the motion of thanks on the President’s Address in the Lok Sabha

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the Lok Sabha during the Budget Session of Parliament, in New Delhi, Thursday, Feb 7, 2019. Also seen is Home Minister Rajnath Singh. (LSTV GRAB via PTI) (PTI2_7_2019_000179B)

New Delhi: The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today replied to the motion of thanks on the President’s Address in the Lok Sabha. He thanked the various Members of the House, for adding vigour into the debate, and sharing insightful points

The opening remarks set the tone of his Government- “A government that works for the people of India, sensitive to people’s aspiration, honest, transparent, against corruption and for fast pace of development.”

PM said that India has seen remarkable progress in the last four years. From foreign direct investment to steel sector, start-ups, milk and agriculture, aviation, India’s progress has been outstanding. “We have become the second largest steel producer, second largest mobile phone manufacturer, 4th largest automobile manufacturer in the world. We are a nation with have a bumper harvest production.” he added.

Stating the highlights of his Government, he said one can easily see what his Government has achieved over the past in 55 months is way ahead of what has been achieved in the last 55 years -“Sanitation coverage has crossed 98% ,over 10 crore toilets have been built for our people. In 55 years, 12 crore gas connection were given. In last 55 months, 13 crore gas connections were given and 6 crore were Ujjwala. The speed of the work done and for whom the work was done, you decide for yourself.” he said.

About opposition, PM said that people have seen the work a government with an absolute majority can do and they have seen the work of his Government. He added that they do not want a ‘Mahamilavat’ government and it won’t be successful.

PM asserted that one is free to criticise him but in doing so they should not criticize the nation,

Talking tough on corruption, PM said his Government is working tirelessly to bring the corrupt people to book.

On Benami Law, he said it was his government that implemented Benami Law and now people are getting caught for having the benami properties.

Speaking on Rafale, PM Modi said Defence Minister had answered to all the allegations in detail and the controversy was being created by those who think no defence deal can be done without kickbacks.

About NPAs, PM said previous Governments left behind a legacy and those

who fled the country are today crying on Twitter. “They are saying that I had taken Rs 7,800 crore but the government has attached properties worth Rs 13,000 crore”. he added.

PM also said that about 20000 NGOs have shut their operations after the government sought details of their funding and these numbers may increase in future.

Explaining how the NDA Government has been working hard to ensure ease of living for all, he said the price rise has been checked as compared to the previous Governments.

Expressing his commitment towards a healthy India, PM said the prices of medicines and medical and surgical equipments have been brought down.

On the employment front, PM said maximum job growth has been in the transport sector. In the past four years, more than 6 lakh new professionals have joined the workforce and they have added to more number of jobs for the people. He talked about how more than 1.80 crore people have been enrolled under Employees Provident Fund over between September 2017 to November 2018 , over a span of just 15 months , out of which 64% are below 28years age. PM also told the LokSabha that more than 1.20 crore people have been registered under National Pension System or NPS.

Stating that India’s foreign policy has brought India to the fore in the global arena, PM said people hear what India has to say. He added that before Paris agreement was finalised, top world leaders used to talk to India. PM also made it clear that India will be friends with both Israel and Palestine as well as with both Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Lauding the role of generation next in charting the progress of India, he said “Those born in the 21st century are now going to be voters and thus, they will play a role in shaping India’s progress.”

PM summed it up saying that his Government will always fulfil the aspirations of the people of India.


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