PM Modi says, govt has proved that poverty can be alleviated by policies and intent

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that India is progressing by breaking free from barriers. He said, India is breaking barriers to reach new heights, be it in start-up, mobile manufacturing or digital transactions. Mr Modi was addressing Hindustan Times Leadership Summit in New Delhi this evening.

The Prime Minister said, the real barrier in front of this country was dynasty politics and nepotism.

The Prime Minister said, India’s growing middle class, and reduction in poverty are becoming foundation for a massive economic cycle. He said, our will power will make Bharat among the top three economies in the world in third term of his government. Mr Modi added that government has proved that poverty can be alleviated by policies and intent:
The Prime Minister said, with the success of Chandrayaan-3, there is a newfound confidence in every citizen. He said, earlier, India used to appeal to world for help after terror attacks and now those behind attacks appeal to world to save them. Mr Modi said, India’s actions have changed the mindset of the world. He said, India is leading the world in climate action goals.

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