PECUC in Patha Utsav; Road safety week observed by children

Koraput: Road safety week is a national event aimed at raising public awareness about traffic rules and ultimately to reduce casualties due to road accidents. Millions lose their life and millions get injured in road accidents globally; mainly, due to lack of awareness about traffic rules or a behavior of flouting them. Therefore, to make people more aware of the traffic rules and to persuade them to follow rules while on road; People’s Cultural Centre (PECUC), a leading voluntary organization of Odisha, working for child rights observed the Road Safety Week in participating Patha Utsav on 10th February. The children in PECUC’s space also observed Chocolate Day by eating and sharing chocolate among each other. They gave awareness message about wearing helmet and not to use cell phone while driving in the road to the general public. Lot of activities were going on in PECUC’s space as children came pouring in large number to participate in art, quiz and various cultural programme. They came in wearing colourful new dresses as today was Saraswati Puja which added to their happiness.

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