Peaceful relocation from Jagannath Basti to Pandakudia

Bhubaneswar: Kamal Purty a labourer who got a plot of land at Pandakudia near SUM Hospital is a happy man now. He is among the 300 odd families, who have been relocated from Jagannath Basti near Jayadev Vihar Square to the new locality after vacating the slum. This would now pave the way to beautify the space near the wall of Kalinga Stadium and entry from Gate No. 9 for the coming World Cup Hockey.
Rabindranath Kisku, originally from Kusumasol in Mayurbhanj district is also a beneficiary who is equally happy as he has got a plot at Pandakudia after relocating from Jagannath Basti. “I was staying in Jagannath Basti for nearly 25 years. Now the plot for the families have given us a better option and we are happy for the change,’’ he said while preparing for the transfer.
Rajesh Kanhar, a student of Rajdhani College, however has to come a long way from the new place to his college. “Every change is for a betterment. I may face some challenge, but happy that my family will get a plot of land,’’ he said.
Babul Digal, an employee of a well-known mall in the heart of the city, who was staying in Jagannth Basti is also happy. “I will face some difficulties travelling from the new place to here, but I am happy that we will get a permanent location to stay,’’ he added.
It can be noted here that the BMC-Bhubaneswar Development Authority join eviction squad started the eviction process from near Gate No. 1 of Kalinga Stadium on September 27. On the Day-I the eviction squad removed 31 structures from the Behera Sahi area.
Yesterday the first phase eviction drive faced some resistance and hence the process was stopped midway. Later with persuasion from BMC-BDA team the households agreed to go to Pandakudia with a payment of Rs 35,000 and a plot size of 20X12 square feet area.
By afternoon today while the demarcation work was done for more than 100 plots at Pandakudia, the eviction work from Jagannath Basti continued simultaneously with Additional Commissioner and Member Enforcement BDA Bhabani Shankar Chayani leading the process.
In the morning while the BMC-BDA team persuaded people to move and carry their belongings through vehicles deployed by BMC, the civic body also oarganised their breakfast and later lunch at Pandakudia site.
All Deputy Commissioners of BMC and senior officials were present at Jagannath Basti and Pandakudia respectively to monitor the situation. Local corporators also were present to coordinate the operation.
After allocation of plots to different families polythene for temporary roof cover was supplied by BMC. The new settlers will also get assistance from ambulance and regular food from the kitchen for the time being till they settle at Pandakudia completely.