Paytm introduces contactless ticketing for state-run buses for safe city commuting

Hyderabad: India’s leading financial services platform Paytm today announced that it has launched a contactless ticket buying facility for state-run local transport buses and promote safe intracity travel. The company is enabling it’s innovative QR based payments service on the buses combining it with the Paytm Soundbox for buying tickets. Paytm is in talks with 20 state transport departments and is joining in their efforts to ensure that citizens are able to travel safely within cities following all social distancing norms.

The company aims to enable contactless ticket-buying facility in over 20,000 state-run busses in the first phase of going live with this service. Paytm has already started running pilots with some of the states including Tamil Nadu which has launched this service in Chennai in association with the Metropolitan Transport Corporation.

The company said that it has put its QR at various convenient locations on the buses which passengers can easily scan and make payments for tickets. The driver will have Paytm Soundbox installed on the dashboard which will inform the conductor every time someone pays for a ticket. The QR code powered by Paytm accepts all types of digital payment apps – wallet, cards, UPI.

Abhay Sharma, Sr. Vice President – Paytm said, “The core idea behind contactless payments is to promote social distancing and save lives. With the government gradually unlocking the country and encouraging people to safely commute within the city, we believe our solution will immensely help to ensure the safety of citizens. We urge state transport departments to take a step in this direction and promote contactless payments for travel ticketing.”

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