Odisha’s Sepatge Infrastrucure is one of the Best in the Country : Director CSE

Bhubaneswar :   Odisha’s Sepatge Infrastrucure is one of the Best in the Country, opined by experts in a Regional Workshop on reuse of bio-solids harvested from sepatage & sewage organised by Housing & Urban Development department Odisha in collaboration with Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi held yesterday here at Odisha Urban Academy. The Workshop focused on reuse and resource recovery of harvested bio-solids from FSTPs and STPs , these bio-solids can be a rich source of fertilisers in agriculture in India, say CSE reports.

Mr. G Mathi Vathanan, Principal Secretary, H&UD, Odisha in his keynote address  presented  an overview of different Urban Sanitation and water initiatives, missions and programs in Odisha, and the emerging challenges of re-use of harvested bio solids. Odisha is known for its pioneering Faecal Sludge & Sepatge Management (FSSM), especially decentralised community-led inclusive sanitation in the country. The State has built 118 faecal sludge treatment plants (FSTPs)/sewage treatment plants (STPs) across all 115 ULBs. The State-wide roll-out of convergence of rural & urban sanitation is currently underway, he added. He further highlighted the role of Odisha Urban Academy to strengthen the capacity building ecosystems  in water, sanitation and inclusive urban development space.

Speaking at the workshop, Depinder Singh Kapur, Director, water programme, CSE, said: “There are over 500 FSTPs all over India, generating an estimated 250 tonne of bio-solids every day. Another 104,210 tonne of bio-solids are generated from the 1,469 STPs that exist in India. Odisha leads the country with its septage treatment infrastructure, covering 115 towns.” Vinod Vijayan, deputy laboratory head at CSE shared the detailed technical findings of CSE study on Bio solids. Sagarika Pattanaik Spl Secretary and Durgesh Nadini Sahoo Additional Secretary  had represented H&UD Dept in the workshop .

The delegates represented cross-section of senior Govt officers, academicians, scientists, municipal officers, consultants deliberated to address some key issues on the findings of the research reports disseminated and discussed in the workshop with the focus on recommendations for what can be done to immediately address the issue of safe handling and reuse of harvested bio-solids from FSTPs/STPs in Odisha.

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