Odisha’s 1st Funeral Care Startup to offer all post death related services


Bhubaneswar: In yet another step towards adding value to Bhubaneswar’s smart city concept, a USA based Odia resident has launched a company to offer all post death related services to the Odisha public.

Swargadwara Services Pvt. Ltd (www.swargadwara.com), is a four month old startup which aims to make it a bit more easier for the bereaved families to conduct the last rites of their deceased loved ones, with dignity. The company, at the dial of a phone call, provides door step support for all funeral and post death related rituals. Services offered include hearse vans, antim kirya materials, all types of logistics & support for everyday karmas during the mourning period including providing home delivery of Mahaprasad, priests, as well as all services for conducting the Shraadhh rites at Puri. The company also facilitates the journey as well as provides all services related to Asthi Visarjan rites at Allahabad, Gaya, Haridwar and Kashi.

An international company has also tied up with Swargadwara.com to provide repatriation services from major cities in India to Bhubaneswar. The company.

Currently the company is catering to the followers of the Hindu religion. It is in discussions with eminent people belonging to other faiths, and will be incorporating services for all sects and religions, in the near future.

Plaban Mohapatra, the man behind the concept, is an IT professional based in the state of California, USA. “This pain point of the society became evident to me, when I witnessed how my younger brother had to run from pillar to post, during conducting the last rites of his father-in-law,” says Plaban.

At present, the company is operational in the cities of Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and it’s surrounding localities. With a service, which is an integral part of every human in the society, the concept has been received with genuine appreciation from walks of the society, with minimal effort on part of the company.

“We have attended sixteen distress calls from Bhubaneswar and one from Cuttack, within such a short span of time. This reinforces our reasoning that this is an area which is higly neglected in the society and requires immediate attention,” said Plaban.

The response from the lower half of the social pyramid is what that has surprised the Founder, the most. “When we started the company, we expected calls from the upper class of the society who are not acquainted enough with the city, to make arrangements for such unfortunate and unannounced events. But all our calls have come from the middle class local population. This highlighted the fact that there is an acute shortage of such single point A-Z solutions within the general public of Odisha,” added Plaban.

The services of the Company, reach the door step of the distressed client within a short span of time after getting the call. They take care of every single details that is required for the rituals involved and provide comprehensive logistics support like bamboo (kokei), mats, flowers, as well as support to complete various paperwork formalities at the cremation ground. The company also arranges to provide door step delivery of Puri Mahaprasad as well as Abhadaa from Sri Ananta Vasudev temple.

Most imperatively, they provide transport services, to take the mortal remains to any place in the state, with the journey originating from either Khurda or Cuttack districts. The company’s service charges start from Rs. 4,500 onwards depending upon the requirements of the distressed client.

The Swargadwara.com team, currently is a seven member team. The management is also in talks with various investors to tap additional funding, to scale up its operations within the state. The company plans to extend its service coverage to Rourkela, Berhampur, Paradip and Angul within the next few months and to Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru by end of 2018.

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