Odisha Villagers suffering due to water  Fluorosis

Report by Akshya Rout;  Jajpur: Fluorosis, thanks to contaminated groundwater, is a major issue in the villages within Binjharapur block of Jajpur district  . Due to fluorsis in the ground water many villagers are suffering from discolouration of teeth.


Dental fluorosis is not treatable and the stains are permanent. According to World Health Organisation guidelines, the fluoride concentration in drinking water should not exceed 1.5 mg/l. But in the villages of Chandanpur, Olei ,Binjharapur, Haripur and other villages , the fluoride concentration is 5 milligrams in a liter, said the execttive enginner of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (RWSS) , AmiyaKumar Parija.

Fluorosis is a severe public health problem in  Binjharapur areas . Around 3000  people, including children, are presently affected byfluorosis and  many  are at risk of developing the disease.

In many  villages , it is common to meet people with dental stains. People in the age group ranging from two to 70 years have the stains. Large number of villagers  are still drinking water contaminated with fluoride  from the tube-wells, said a villagers Sarat Jena of Chandanpur.

The contaminated supply dates back to the 1990s, when the  government drilled many  shallow tube wells to provide villagers with clean water, not realizing that the soil was heavily laced with naturally occurring  fluoride , added Jena.

When contacted Ranjan Kumar Das the district collector of Jajpur said “ We will soon supply drinking water to these villages by purifying the river water”.

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