Odisha Police arrested Five persons, 224 kg Cannabis seized

Report by Badal Tah; Rayagada : Based on credible information that on 12.10.2019 evening accused person Ganapati Patika with his wife and other accused persons went to different villages of Chandrapur area and collected Ganja at low cost.

Then, on 13/10/2019 at about 9.00 AM, when the accused persons were returning to Gudari from Chandrapur, driving on a Bolero Pick up van bearing Regd No. OD-18-F 2263 in which 224.350 Kg. Ganja packed in four white colour jery bags, the team of Guduri Police caught them red handed with bulk Ganja in conscious and exclusive possession of accused persons.

From further verification it is established that all the five accused persons including two other state accused Dass and Santial brought the contraband ganja from Chandrapur area for transportation /sale in Bihar state. Accused Jitu Kadraka is an expert driver and on every occasion he renders service to accused persons in transportation of contraband Ganja for pecuniary benefits. Cash of Rs.1,00,000/- seized from prime accused Ganapati Patika which he was having for payments and to bear the cost of transportation of contraband ganja. The conveyance used for transportation of contraband ganja i.e Bolero Pick Up bearing Regd No. OD-18-F 2263 stands in the ownership of accused Ganapati Patika.

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