Odisha Police arrested Deogarh MLA Subash Chandra Panigrahi for thrashing Tileibani BDO

Bhubaneswar: Deogarh MLA Subash Chandra Panigrahi and his two associates arrested on charges of thrashing Tileibani BDO.The three-time BJP legislator allegedly attacked the officer, Krushnachandra Dalapati, on Saturday. The MLA was arrested from his quarters in Bhubaneswar.

BJP questions police action, threatens to stage protest if action is not taken against Tileibani BDO;party spokesperson Golak Mohapatra says,”MLA lodged complaint first, then BDO.Arrest of BJP MLA is pre-planned by BJD.BDO has threatened to kill Panigrahi.”

BJD spokesperson Lenin Mohanty says the arrest is lawful & stern action should be taken against Subash Chandra Panigrahi

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