Odisha: Housing programme all time high in Rayagada

Report by Badal Tah; Rayagada: Taking into consideration of the maxim “Roti, Kapda aur Makan”, housing is considered as a basic minimum need. Since it was introduced in the govt programme, a poor tribal has been running from pillar to post to have a permanent roof over his family. After the Indira Awas Yojana(IAY) metamorphosed into Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana-Gramin(PMAY-G), there has been sea changes in its budget, grant making procedures, quality and coverage. There are special provisions for Primarily Vulnerable Tribal Groups(PVTGs) earlier termed as primitive tribes, Left Wing Extremism(LWE) areas, beneficiaries of land under Forest Rights Act(FRA), Philin affected areas, etc. The programme has been gender centric as well as focussed on socially excluded communities. To make the programme more transparent digital processes like phase wise Direct Benefit Transfer(DBT), monitoring the progress of the construction of the house through Geotagging, online uploading, etc have been followed. In spite of all these there have been several lacunae & lapses in implementation during earlier administrative set up.

As a part of convergence in the year 2018-19, work under MGNREGA was created for 2766 beneficiaries out of 5547 sanctioned beneficiaries. Rs. 38006072 was disbursed to these beneficiaries. On an average Rs.13740 as person days was raised for each beneficiary over and above the budget meant for a house under PMAY. 50% of beneficiaries were covered under convergence in MGNREGA. As per the data retrieved from web, till the end 2018-19 there are 61362 eligible families(out of 73704 enumerated by SECC) still left out to be included in housing programme.

This programme vide letter no-J-11014/01/2018-RH dated 6th June 2019 from Rural Development Deppt, GOI has got an extension from 2019 to 2022 by which it is expected to realise the target of housing for all. In Rayagada, the completion of houses under PMAY for the years 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19 were 7882, 6148 & 3902 respectively. At the end of the financial year 2018-19, the number of incomplete house was 3439. For the year 2019-2020 Rayagada district has the target of constructing and completing 14000 houses under PMAY. Taking into account the 3439 nos of houses carried forward from earlier financial years, Rayagada has to work on 17419 nos of houses in toto. Though this seems to be a mammoth task, Sri Amrit Ruturaj, PD, DRDA has taken this as a challenge. He expects that the field offices at block level work with commitment to fulfil the target assigned to each block. Sri Pramod Kumar Behera, Collector, Rayagada, who, as team leader, is a seasoned administrator to make the team perform under him, is optimistic to reach the magic target number of 17419 during 2019-20 in Rayagada.

“The new Govt’s priority is housing for all by 2022 leading to well being and it is hoped that the Rayagada administration becomes committed & accountable to the policies framed by the govt to achieve good health and well being through Sustainable Development Goals”, said Dr. K Salva Raju, Principal(Retd), Rayagada Autonomous College.



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