Odisha Govt introduces scheme to promote Biofloc Fish Farming Technology

Bhubaneswar:  Fisheries and Animal Resources Department, Government of Odisha has brought out a new scheme for promoting Intensive Aquaculture through Bio-floc Technology in Fisheries. This is an advanced fish farming technology introduced in the State to provide livelihood support to entrepreneurs, unemployed youth and interested progressive fish farmers of the state, aimed atincreasingfish productivityand make the state self-sufficient in fish production.

Bio-floc based farming system is a new technology for promotion of intensive fish/ shrimp production in a limited area without significantly increasing the usage of the basic natural resources of water and land. A Person having small land holding (as small as 150-200 square meter of land) and having either municipal piped water supply or bore well water supply can establish this business with small investment. This programme aims to support fish farmers and young entrepreneurs for generation of income and livelihood support.

Bioofloc system is suitable for growing freshwater fish species such as GIFT Tilapia, Magur, Pangasius, Anabas, Common Carp etc depending on local market demands. In Biofloc technology, the waste organic matter in the tank such as feed waste, are digested using probiotics (helpful bacteria) and carbon source such as molasesand  gets converted to fish feed.In normal pond based farming system, one acre of earthen tank (4000 square meter area) produces about 2,000 kg of fish in 6 months; while in bioflocfish farming system, the same 2000 kg fish can be produced only from 4 small tanks of each 4 meter diameter and 1.2 meter depth installed in a floor area of about 100-150 square meter.

Each biofloc tank is stocked with about 1000-1500 numbers of quality fish fry (2-3 cm) or fingerlings (8-10 cm) with a target of 500 kg fish production over 6 months period. Fish grows to about 200 grams within 3 months and 700-800 grams within 6 months. Therefore, depending on the local market demand, fish can be partially harvested on daily basis to generate daily income for farmers.Bio-floc farming system is also suitable for urban and peri-urban areas. It can be set up even on terraces   building terrace and backyard. It offers live or fresh fish to surrounding customers thus fetching higher market prices for the  producer.

The unit cost for installation of a Bio-floc unit of 2 tanks  is Rs.1.50 lakh, while a biflock unit of 6 tanks costs approximately Rs.4.00 lakh. Introducing the scheme, the State Government provides a subsidy of 40% subsidy while 60% subsidy is provided to SC& STbeneficiaries. This new and emerging technology will provide an accelerated boost to the fish production of the state and encourage small land holders and entrepreneurs to take up fish farming in the state.

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