Odisha Govt giving top priority to Early Childhood Care,Education 

  Bhubaneswar: Government of Odisha is attaching top priority to Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) which encompasses the inseparable elements of care, nutrition, play and early learning with a protective and enabling environment. Evidence indicate that, the brain grows 80% during first two years of early childhood and this influences path ways of physical & mental health, behavior & productivity. Neglect during this stage renders cumulative adverse impacts on human development. On 19th August, 2019, Hon’ble Minister, WCD & MS inaugurated exhibition of  low cost child friendly Teaching and Learning Materials (TLM) and ‘Prambhika’ : Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centre at Home Economic Training Centre (HETC), Laxmisagar, Bhubaneswar. She also launched Parents+ Module, TLM booklets, Information Education Communication (IEC) materials (posters & flipcharts), revised Nua Arunima, pictorial handbooks on ECCE and handbook for observation of ECCE day. The event was steered by Smt. Anu Garg, IAS, Principal Secretary to Govt., WCD & MS Department; attended by State Project Director, OPEPA and supported by Ms. Rushda Majeed, Country Representative, BvLF and Dr. Monika Nielson, Chief Field Office, UNICEF. Though 19th of every month is observed in Anganwadi Centres as ECCE day. WCD & MS Department endeavours to take ECD programme to the next level. ECCE day has been branded Ankur to germinate in the minds of the frontline workers, parents and community the need for emphasizing on early stimulation of children at home / community and quality ECCE in Anganwadi Centres (AWCs). The broad outcomes of the celebration are, 1. That, every centre  will be converted to a vibrant AWC. The model of ECD displayed today will be circulated across the State. Training will be imparted to the Anganwadi Workers to convert existing AWCs to vibrant ones.2. The age & developmentally appropriate, play based, experiential and child friendly curriculum revised Nua Arunima will be translated and transacted  in tribal languages. 3. To sensitize parents and community about the importance of nutrition and early stimulation in the brain development of a child in early years through parents+ programme. Communicators and facilitators manuals have been developed for the purpose.4. To encourage the parents, members of family and community to help prepare TLMs and to partner in ECCE activities. Standardized flipcharts, posters, pictorial handbooks will be circulated to elicit better community participation.

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