Odisha goes ahead claiming status; National symposium on ‘Paika Rebellion’ in Delhi

Bhubaneswar: In a bid to Substantiate its claim to accord status to ‘Paika Rebellion’ of Odisha as the first struggle of Independence in National Level, Government of Odisha in Department of Culture is going to organise a National Symposium in Delhi which, through its debates and deliberation on the armed struggle of the Chilvalrous Odia Paikas, will rise the significance of such historical event to a new height.
State Government has tried to leave no stone unturned to have the status and historical importance of ‘Paika Bidroha’ (Rebellion) to be recognised through such an endeavour in National level and so invited together many a historians, academicians and scholars to evaluate the event, said Sri Ashok Chandra Panda, Minister, Culture, Odisha.
Sri Manoranjan Panigrahy, Commissioner-cum-Secretary, Culture said that ‘The Intellects’, a forum of intellectual in Delhi has come forward to demonstrate states’ clams of such recognition through national symposium and the Department of Culture is all set to do for the purpose. The seminar will be addressed by renowned scholars from International and National institutions along with other resource persons, said Sri Panigrahy.
A number of historians and resource persons including Prof. Akio Tanobe (Tokyo University), Prof. Annapurnna and Prof. Triloki Pandy (Californea University), Prof P.K. Dutta (JNU), Dr. A.J. Thomas (Central Sahitya Academy), Prof. B.Das and Prof. Ajay Patnaik (Jamia Millia Islamia University), Dr. P.K. Dutta, Prof. Amar Farooqui and Dr. Devaprit Manjit (Delhi University), Prof. Narayan Rao (Indian Council of Historical Research) will participate in the symposium while many scholars from Odisha will present their papers on the armed struggle of the Paikas which has inspired the subsequent national movements against the British rule for Indias’ Independence.
The two day programme in India International Centre, Delhi will feature digital presentation, quiz competition on pre-independence movements, rebellion related cultural show, exhibition on the rebellion and release of a colorfull souvenir. The inaugural programme will be graced by Minister Sri Panda and other dignitaries while A.V.Swami, Member, Rajya Sabha, Amarendra Khatua, Ex-Director General, I.C.C.R., Dr. Bhagban Prakash, Gandhian Thinker and Educationist and many more will be present.

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