Odisha faces a major challenge in organ transplant due to lack of awareness

Bhubaneswar: A recent study confirms that around 9000 people die every year due to cardiac arrest in Odisha, while chronic disease like NAFLD (Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) is also rife in the state. Considering the chronic diseases of major organs in human body resulting in life threatening conditions, organ transplant is observed as a life giving option, but lack of awareness, transplant facilities and unavailability of donors a number of patients are far from this choice. With strong determination toencourage heart and liver transplant as per the need of treatmentRabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences (RTIICS) organized a conference in Hotel Hindustan International, Bhubaneshwarwhere Dr Ayan Kar, Consultant, Cardiologist at RTIICS, KolkataandDr Sandip Pal, Consultant, Gastroenterology, RTIICS, Kolkata shared their views and experiences on the significance of this issue.
Talking about chronic heart disease and heart transplant as an option Dr Ayan Kar, Consultant, Cardiologist at RTIICS, Kolkata said that, “Heart transplant is considered to be one of the most complex organ transplant surgeries compared to other organ transplant surgeries as there is no living donor in the process. On the one hand advancements in the process have made the procedure safer, still due to lack of awareness and availability of desired system a large number of patients are waiting for organs. Here we should not forgetthat cardiovascular diseases are among the top killer diseases in our country. Here appreciating this noble cause of inspiring organ transplant I must say that donating organs makes one immortal as there is nothing more precious than blooming in form of life in other human body after leaving this world.”
In order to live an ideal healthy life major organs like heart, kidney, and liver are supposed to be functioning properly, same way donor’s organs should also be healthy.
Here talking about the need of healthy organs and liver transplant Dr Sandip Pal, Consultant, Gastroenterology, RTIICS, Kolkata said that, “Chronic diseases resulting in liver failure and critical functioning of the organ, the transplant option should be opted in due time in order to reduce the further risk involved in the process. Here for the patients who are ready to undergo the transplant process I must say that the process of organ transplantation doesn’t end with the surgical replacement of the organ. The replaced organ needs to be normal with the functioning of the body which needs proper medication and a number of visits to the concerned doctors and other checkups. Hence it is far important that after transplant is done the patient must be regular with the prescription.”
Over a period of time entire country has seen unfortunate changes when it comes to diseases related to these major organs. More awareness needs to be spread in this regard. Apart from lifestyle disorders and otherhereditary causes, consumption of alcohol and other habits are also responsible for this disappointing data. More awareness programmes are needed to be organized in this regard.
After conference with the objective of sharing knowledgewith doctors of Bhubaneshwar and the adjacent areaan Interactive Scientific Session was also organized in IMA, Bhubaneshwar where Dr Ayan Kar, Consultant, Cardiologist at RTIICS, Kolkatashared his views and experiences on “Heart Transplant an Overview” andDr Sandip Pal, Consultant, Gastroenterology, RTIICS, Kolkataon “Liver Transplant- Eastern India Scenario.”

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