Odisha: Dhinkia villagers erect gates, to prevent the entry of police and Govt officials

Report by Kahnu Nanda; Jagatsinghpur: Two days after a scuffle between police and villagers witnessed in Dhinkia village resulting 7 police personnel received hurt and two police vehicles got damaged, the agitated Dhinkia villagers have erected three bamboo gates at the village outskirts.

Three entry points to Dhinkia village has seized from Govindapur , Trilochanpur, and Mahala villages on Sunday. Reports said that villagers are on a 24 hours duty guarding the gates against the entry of police and government officials including JSW project sympathizers from the locality.

Sources added that braving incessant rains on Sunday many villagers accompanying women gathered at the gates and guarded round the clock’s as consequence entry to Dhinkia village from Govindapur and Trilochanpur regions have been disconnected.

The gates erection at Dhinkia village aims to prevent police and government officials entry to the area, we strongly denounced police action that occurred in the village on Saturday night while searching Samiti Member Debendra Swain. Police had raided Samiti Member house on Saturday night and after not tracing him created vandalism,

Debendra’s family member informed that police have implicated him in a false case. Amid the JSW proposed project tripartite meetings Debendra has been targeted by civil administration and police to push him in a case due to his strong opposition against JSW Company, the family member said.

However police have clarified that following a bomb hurling incident that occurred in Govindapur village cops had moved to the occurrence site for investigation were confronted with villagers, the agitated villagers had attacked policemen as consequence 7 cops got injured and 2 police vehicles were damaged,
Meanwhile, the anti-JSW opponents have intensified their agitation in Dhinkia village, gates have been erected in three different locations connecting Dhinkia village, braving incessant rains and severe cold anti-industry brigade including women are guarding the gates preventing police, government officials and any outsiders entry to the village.

Recently Jagatsinghpur district administration had conducted four tripartite meetings in JSW proposed project site villages in its plan to woo the villagers, moreover the meetings had drawn positive responses from villagers with regards to JSW project starting, but the recent development in Dhinkia village pushing the matter tizzy, sources informed.

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