Odisha: Betel vines demolition drive ends for JSW project, highest vines razed in Dhinkia village

Report by Kahnu Nanda, Jagatsinghpur: The ongoing betel vines demolition drive for the proposed JSW project in Erasama coast near Paradip was ostensibly ended on Monday, as many as 822 vines have been razed as many as 757 betel growers have received compensation an amount of Rs 19 Crore.
Interestingly the anti-JSW bastion Dhinkia village has been recorded the highest betel vines destruction, reports informed that 272 betel vine growers had opted sacrificing their vines from them 261 vines have razed and necessary compensation have been awarded to the 218 betel farm losers.
According to the JSW press release revealed that the betel vines clearing had been launched on December 22, 2021, from Govindapur Panchayat where 102 vines had cleared. Then the initiative had continued in Dhinkia Panchayat recognized as anti-JSW epic center.
As many as 261 residents of Mahala village under Dhinkia Panchayat had given willingness give their betel vines for the JSW project from them 251 have been demolished and 239 betel growers have been compensated.
Moreover, Dhinkia Panchayat’s other revenue village Patana where 225 betel vine cultivators have been given their vines for the proposed JSW project, and have acknowledged compensation.
The JSW sources indicate that overall betel vines demolition in Dhinkia Panchayat has concluded on Monday, few betel vine-growers who had been volunteered to clear their vines have been excluded due to disputes raised during the demarcation and consultations process. [Ends]

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