Nua Odisha Nirman Abhijan launched by Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan

Upendra Maharana, successor of Bisu Maharana and Dharama administered pledge

· Clean Villages and Cities keep people healthy and create employment

· Pledge to provide nutritious food to new born from the day of conceive till 1000 days to make Odisha free from mal nutrition

· Pledge to motivate children to practice physical exercise for two hours every day

· Pledge to motivate children between 15-19 years to concentrate on studies for making their future bright

· Pledge to promote Odia language, culture and tradition

Chandrabhaga: Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan inaugurated the ‘Nua Odisha Nirmana Abhijan’ on the auspicious occasion of Utkal Dibasa at Chandrabhaga sea beach in Konark in Puri today. The event was organized under the banner of Prachi Trust, a social organization.

Attending the ceremony Shri Pradhan told that, apart from feeling proud for the glorious history of Odisha, future generation should come forward to make our state a prosperous state of the country.

Congregating thousands of youths of Odisha before sun rise today, Shri Pradhan told, Odisha stands 35th, if we take the world population into account. So he questioned why the milestone for Odisha’s development will stay back.

The minister also cited burning examples on how Odia community have come forwarded to fight for their own state and the vital role played by many odias at different times.

“Cleanliness is a social responsibility. The health condition of children in 20 districts of Odisha is alarming due to malnutrition. Not only the government, but a massive public awareness needs to be created to fight such evils. Similarly, someone has also to take the charge of guiding the 42 lakh youths of the State,” added Pradhan.

If Odia language will not be imbibed into the children of future generation, the dream of statesmen of Odisha who had once dreamt for the formation of independent Odisha state will remain unfulfilled, added Shri Pradhan.

While Shri Upendra Maharana, successor of Bisu Maharana and Dharama administered pledge successor of Buxi Jagabandhu Ms. Upasana Mahapatra was also present on this occasion.


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