Noted freedom fighter, historian, Literateur Prafulla Das passes away

Noted freedom fighter and historian Prafulla Das left for his heavenly abode today ( 3rd March 2018) at his native village Rajkanika. He was 92-year-old and was ailing for some time. He was awarded with prestigious Sarala samman for his book “Bahniman “, written on life of famous freedom fighter Smt. Malati Cahudhury.

Das, was one of the oldest surviving historians and freedom fighters of the state, has written a number of books on the history of India’s freedom struggle and the role of Odisha.

These include ‘Kalapanira Angisikha’, ‘Agnujugar Aahwan’, ‘Bharatara Sasastra Mukti Sangram’, ‘Sahid Basu Bisnini’, ‘Kanika Prajaandolan Itihas’, ‘Netaji Aao feri Nahanti’, ‘Fashi Manchare Biplabi’ and many more. ‘Banhimana’, the biography of freedom fighter Malati Chaudhury, brought him the Sarala Award, 2014.

“Prafulla Das is the only historian of the state who penned so many books, particularly on the struggles of peasants against kings and Zamindars. He was also felicited by , the Kendriya Sahitya Akademi at Kendrapada.

In his own words, “I participated in the freedom\ movement. We also fought against the despot king of Rajkanika in Kendrapada after Independence. They were exploiting people by imposing 64 types of taxes.”

“I also worked with Binoba Bhave in Bhudan movement in the state. Later I joined the Communist Party of India (Marxist ) in the 1970s. But now I am not a member of any political party,” he added.

Asked about his penchant for writing, Das, a bachelor, said, “I took to writing as I felt there was need for more research orientated books. Many freedom fighters scarified their lives for the country, whose names have been lost.”

Prof. Neelamani Sahu, Secretary of Bhagat Singh Vichar Manch, Radhakant Sethi, eminnent CPI(ML) leader, Sudhir Patnaik, Editor Samadrusti and Prasanta Patnaik, editor of Sanchar in their condiolence message hae said “odisha has lost a veteran leftist leader and historian and a huge vaccum has been created in his death which is difficult to be filled .

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