Norton powered JioSecurity monitors apps on users’ smartphone and advises on safety and privacy of apps

Mumbai: The JioSecurity app, a comprehensive mobile security solution that helps keep mobile phones safe and secure from all possible digital threats, brings a unique app advisory feature to smartphone users. Powered by Norton, JioSecurity not only provides state of the art web protection service but also features an award winning app advisor that offers protection from unsafe apps and malware.

Since January 2016, Norton by Symantec has identified over 6,464,472 new pieces of malware apps and 5,741,834 new pieces of grayware – apps with potential privacy issues or intrusive behaviors

Smartphone users often ignore Security and Privacy risks associated with Apps:

The Norton Mobile Survey reveals that close to 50 percent of Indians have over 20 apps on their smartphones.

Over one in three consumers accept that many apps they use are likely to collect data about them, yet one in five say they would download any app that “looked cool”, regardless of its origin or reputation.

A shocking 36 percent would either always grant permissions or simply don’t know enough about the kind of permissions they may have granted. Only eight percent reject requests bearing in mind the risks involved. Further, Indian consumers grant several permission for a free app and study reveals that:-
· Nearly one in two Indians have granted access to contacts and mobile data
· 50 percent have granted permission to send promotional texts/emails
· Close to 40 percent have granted permission to access their camera, bookmarks and browser history
· Close to 30 percent have granted permission to apps for tracking their geo-location.

When Mobile Meets Money: Unverified apps and mWallets

Mobile devices are increasingly important to how we shop and pay – both online and in-store. Not surprising that e-commerce apps (76 percent) along with mobile banking (67 percent) and mobile wallets (62 percent), rank amongst most popular apps, preceded only by social networking (86 percent) and messaging apps (78 percent).

Close to 50 percent of consumers accept that they shop online more than ever before. 68 percent of the users worry about the security threats of online shopping and 42 percent say they have in fact experienced a security problem, threat or nuisance as a result of using their devices for online shopping. Yet, only 26 percent of online shoppers believe that threats are increasing. Ironically, a whopping 50 percent believe that online risks are reducing.

52 percent of users believe their mWallet has come under threat as a result of using other apps on their devices, especially social media apps which pose greatest threats according to 27 percent respondents.

JioSecurity, an app powered by Norton, is helping millions of Jio users to safeguard their phones from malicious apps by running automatic scans and educating them about all the apps that are installed in your phone. Basis that users can decide whether to uninstall or keep the app. The JioSecurity app is available on playstore & app store for all Jio sim users.

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