Niladri Bije : Holy trinities enter Srimandir , after nine day sojourn known as Ratha Yatra

Bhubaneswar : With the end of nine day sojourn known as Rath Yatra, the holy trinities today entered the Srimandir and on the last day of the Ratha Yatra was celebrated with full grandeur the Niladri Bije ritual.

According to Jagannath cult, Lord Balabhadra , Devi Subhadra , Lord Jagannath and Surdarshan are carried into the temple through a grand procession known as Goti Pahandi, while ahead of it the temple servitors perform the concluding rituals on Nandighosa, Devadalana, and Taladhwaja chariots to see off the descending gods.

Besides, this day is also celebrated as Rasagolla Diwas because while the deities are entering the Srimandir , during the turn of Lord Jagannath to enter the temple he will be objected by Goddess Lakshmi and in order to make her happy the Lord will offer Goddess Lakshmi rasogolla.

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