My First Visit To Konark Sun Temple Has Left Me Speechless- Salim Merchant

By Roy

Bollywood calls this duo as ‘masters of music’. You guessed absolutely right, it’s the ever-rocking duo Salim-Sulaiman who yesterday had put the stage on fire at Chandrabhaga Eco Retreat at Konark. With their timeless hits ‘Aye Khuda’, ‘Ishq Wala Love’ and paying tribute to Indian Army the day before Republic Day with ‘Chak De India’ and ‘Ali Maula’, Salim goes on sharing the experience on their visit to Odisha.

“It had been a great show indeed. And most importantly, what I feel is that people of Odisha have a great sense and sensibility when it comes to music and musical approach. This love pulls us to come and perform here again and again,” expresses Salim.

Odisha’s history and heritage has embraced hearts worldwide. And same happened when Salim Merchant visited the glorious Sun Temple of Konark.
“I had read about the Sun Temple of Konark in history books all my life. And after my first visit today, I realised the reason of this glory. I do remember it’s history of how it was built and 1200 artisans had carved every nook and corner with finest artistry. Infact, in UNESCO’s heritage list, it is one of the oldest and top historical monuments,” he says.

Added to this, he gives sneak a peek of the upcoming album of the duo ‘Bhoomi 2020’.
“We are coming back with our second non-film album after 20 years featuring great voices like Kaushiki Chakraborty, Jonita Gandhi, Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal etc. in it. This album has 7 songs, as it is an incredible number.”

The album will be on the floor by early days of March 2020.

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