“Music Plays An Essential Role In Shaping-Up The Society” – Rangon Chatterjee

By Roy

Mumbai has been the land of real dreams for music composer Rangon Chatterjee. With past days chartbuster song ‘Phir Mulaqat’ from the movie ‘Why Cheat India’, Rangon got a real kick in his journey. However, every beautiful thing has got a story where many talented brains have toiled. “I had the knowledge of song-making but got to know a lot more about how different is it to make a song for a movie. You have to analyse from the director’s vision, the actor’s vision on whom it will be picturised, also about the suitable singer and many more. I am really thankful to Soumin who is the director of the film, my co-composer and lyricist Kunaal Vermaa for this, and the T-Series fraternity” expresses Rangon.

Like every other person, Rangon had too had dropped in Mumbai with a lot of dreams. His enthusiastic soul did not stop him from beginning with the work from the same evening. The movie ‘Why Cheat India’ starring Emraan Hashmi was offered to him, in a very unusual way. “It was a house party at Kunaal’s place where we had casually hummed ‘Phir Mulaqat’ to one of our friends Shivam who is an executive of T-Series. Then within days’ gap, we got a call from T-Series’ office for this song and another one,” he says. The song still serves the mixed essence of ghazal and contemporary, and playing of harmonium being the essential part.

Rangon belongs to a family with a strong classical music background. Slowly getting introduced to contemporary music at the age of 12, he knew he is made for music. He is simultaneously working in Bollywood, as well as Bangla music industry. He further goes on defining the concept ‘songster’ as, “Under this concept, fragments of musical talents gather and give the best output to the listeners. The concept fairly rewards every artist with credit.”

Live performances are the best part of being a musician, as well as independent music, Rangon feels. Talking about his other composition ‘Tootey Khwaab’, he says, “It was originally made for a film. But things happened such, that on a candid moment having me, Kunaal, Shivam and Armaan Malik, this song was decided to be made as a solo track. Armaan is a blessed talent that our music industry could ever get.”

As an artist, Rangon believes it as a responsibility to utilise his skills for the sake of society and awareness. “Not only connecting with life, thoughts, and emotions but to become the bridge of awareness between the dark part of the society and people. I believe and I envision to take up some projects which would be centred on social issues.”

Rangon is gearing up with more upcoming projects for the near future. “It doesn’t matter whether your song has 1 million or 20 million, your content should do justice with the quality you deliver to listeners,” he says.

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