MRI + CT Centres To Be Set Up On PPP Mode In 25 Govt. Hospitals in Punjab

Chandigarh: To facilitate all essential tests of MRI, CT and pathology under a single roof, the Punjab Government has decided to set up centres on PPP mode in 25 Government Hospitals for the facility of needy patients as such diagnostics services in Punjab are mostly concentrated in the private sector.

Disclosing this here today in a press statement, the Health Minister Mr. Balbir Sidhu said that centres for diagnostic purposes would be set up in 22 district hospitals and 3 Sub Divisional Hospitals of Khanna, Phagwara, Rajpura. With the availability of these facilities, people do not have to visit private centres for paying hefty charges.

Mr. Sidhu clarified that all other tests which are already being conducted free of cost in Govt. Labs will be available as earlier. He said that a process has been started to meet the necessity of people as well as to provide all tests with fixed rates across the State.

Referring the highest discounts achieved in Projects, he said that discounts in State Punjab is amongst the highest when compared to similar PPP projects in other states including Haryana, Uttar Pradesh (Radiology). However, CT, MRI and pathological services rates under the state’s PPP project are expected to be among the lowest in the nation.

Health Minister assured that provision of quality services at affordable prices will result in a complete overhaul in the diagnostics market in Punjab and immensely benefit the residents of the state.

Mr. Sidhu apprised that only Government Medical colleges in the state of Punjab provide advance radiology services of CT and MRI. District Hospitals (DH) and Sub-divisional hospitals (SDH) (under the Dept of Health and Family Welfare) lack these high-end CT and MRI facilities with only two hospitals DH Jalandhar and DH Fazilka have CT machines.

Health Minister pointed out that diagnostics services in Punjab are mostly concentrated in the private sector. While private sector does provide quality diagnostics services, these are priced above the affordability of the common populace of Punjab and are limited to tier 1 / tier 2 cities of the state. Hence, the project was initiated with an objective to provide world class diagnostics services at reasonable and affordable prices which are based on market research and analysis.

Principal Secretary, Health Mr. Hussan Lal that taking lessons from similar projects in other states, delivery of Radio Diagnostics services via the PPP route was found to be the most effective solution to reach the stated objective.

He said that this project aims to create robust Radio Diagnostics setups at all District Hospitals and selected SDHs of the state. He said that 25 Govt. hospitals split into 6 clusters; each cluster with one main hospital housing one MRI + CT centre and other hospitals with only CT facility.

Mr. Hussan Lal further said that the project was able to secure 36% to 48% discount to CGHS rates (in various clusters), people of Punjab will now be entitled to highly subsidized radio diagnostics facilities.

Principal Secretary, Health stated that in both Radiology and Pathology Projects, Punjab Government has ensured that modern, state of the art equipment / machines and consumables are provided by the selected private partner which include installation of latest 1.5 T MRI equipment with diverse clinical applications, installation of latest 32 slice CT equipment with diverse clinical applications and installation of US FDA / European CE approved laboratory equipment & consumables.

Further, a robust monitoring and oversight mechanism has been established as the part of PPP contracts to regularly monitor the private party’s performance in ensuring efficient delivery of healthcare services, he added.

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