“Mission Answer to Cancer” in Indonesia by Activists from Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Mission Answer to Cancer with the objectives of prevention of cancer and tobacco free childhood campaign have been organised in Indonesia by Anti Activists from Odisha. A team of anti tobacco activists Md. Imran Ali, Piyus Kumar Sahoo and Ashisa Kumar Sahoo has organized anti tobacco awareness campaign in Bali and Yogjakarta of Indonesia.
Tobacco Free Childhood campaign in SMAN 2 Semarapura Govt. School, Bali, was highly appreciated by the school authorities. Around 150 students of this school took oath not to touch tobacco at all. Similarly, college youths of Indonesia have been made aware about harmful impacts of tobacco in Gandhi Puri Ashram of Bali, Indonesia. Apart from it, such awareness campaign has taken place in airport, parks and other tourist places of Bali and Yogjakarta. This campaign was supported by OSEHCA and Gandhi Puri Ashram. Imran has thanked Jamna Lal Bajaj Awardee, Eminent Gandhian and founder of Gandhi Puri Ashram of Indonesia Indra Udayana for his solidarity to this international campaign.

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