Minister Kiren Rijiju Commends NCPOR’s Contributions to Earth Sciences

Union Minister for Earth Sciences, Shri. Kiren Rijiju, visited the National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research (NCPOR) today. The visit served to familiarize the Minister with the significant activities and initiatives undertaken by NCPOR. Throughout the day, a series of informative and engaging events were organized to showcase the crucial work carried out by the institution. A key highlight of the visit was an interactive session where the Minister engaged virtually with the dedicated team stationed at Bharati Station in Antarctica.

Addressing NCPOR scientists and staff, Union Minister of Earth Sciences Shri. Kiren Rijiju expressed his appreciation for their dedicated work and acknowledged the immense potential and relevance of the center. He highlighted the growing aspirations of the Indian people and India’s increasing prominence on the global stage.

Recognizing NCPOR’s contributions to scientific advancement, the Minister lauded the successful expedition team currently stationed in Antarctica and expressed his enthusiasm to interact with them upon their return. He stressed the need to enhance and expand research activities, particularly in the Himalayan region, which he believes holds immense potential and demands further exploration.

The Union Minister also expressed his belief in the transformative power of science and the need for a rational approach in addressing challenges. He assured the scientific community of his commitment to providing necessary resources, policies, and support to enable them to achieve their objectives. Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of creating awareness and visibility for the work carried out by researchers and urged for increased public engagement and appreciation of scientific endeavors.

Director of NCPOR, Dr. Thamban Meloth, expressed his gratitude for the Union Minister of Earth Sciences’ visit. The Director emphasized that conducting scientific research in polar regions requires exceptional skills in complex logistics and coordination among public institutions, agencies, and departments. He expressed confidence that NCPOR will make significant strides and elevate India’s reputation in polar and oceanic research under the Minister’s leadership

Union Minister Kiren Rijiju’s visit also included a virtual reality show of the Antarctic region, and a visit to the Ice Core Lab and the Sophisticated Instrumentation Facility where advanced research infrastructure and techniques utilized by NCPOR scientists were showcased.

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