Meet Social Media Influencer and Blogger Brajesh Kumar Singh

Professionally known as Brajesh Kumar Singh has used his passion for blogging and technology to create a booming career. He has begun numerous projects involving his interests, creating fashion brands, being an Engineer to others, and creating a blog and Profile to help many users to know about the new Gadgets, Fashion and real reviews. He’s also working to expand his reach as a social media influencer, creating content for his audience of over 1,20,000 people.

Utilizing his passion for blogging, Brajesh first started his own blog in 2011. For almost 4 years, he used to come up with new-new topics but didn’t succeed due to many reasons. Currently, he is working in an automotive domain as a senior engineer. Along with work he is managing his blogging passion and give his followers good content on social media platforms as well as his blogs. Few blogs are Feed Knock, Knowledge & Trick, Apna Contest, etc.

Brajesh Kumar Singh is also focusing on expanding his reach as a social media influencer. He got his start with social media posting targeted towards teens, on subjects such as tech and motivating thousands of people. His Post reached upwards of thousands of impressions globally. Since then, he posts regularly on his website and social media, promoting brands and providing reviews for his followers. He aims to eventually work with a few major tech and fashion brands to create content for them and his followers.

For more information, check out Brajesh’s social Media and website! “BrajeshOfficial” handle is available on mostly all platforms. Or you can visit to know more.

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