MCL sanctioned Rs. 2.82 Crore towards improvement of water supply to Brajrajnagar Municipality

Sambalpur: MCL has sanctioned Rs. 2.82 Crore towards second phase of the water supply scheme of Brajrajnagar town. The scheme will be executed by PH deptt for which MCL will deposit the funds in instalments with Collector Jharsuguda.

It may be noted that, first phase of the scheme was approved by MCL in 2013 for a value of Rs 8.80 Cr and the work being executed by PH deptt, is in the final stage of completion. Till August 2019, Rs. 8.46 Cr has been disbursed by MCL. The first phase consists of establishing intake well near Ib river from where water is to be sourced, 4.54 MLD Water Treatment Plant (WTP) at Gandhora, Clean Water Reservoirs (CWR) at Gandhora, Near GM office and Ganganagar, electricity with transformer at Gandhora WTP, raw water main, and clear water main 13 km. Need for phase-II has arisen as the provision for supply pumps and energisation of CWR stations was not there in phase-I. The important works in phase-II include- provision of transformers at two sites, pumps and motors at all three sites besides compound wall and site development.

The population of BRJN as per 2011 census was 84,371. The town area is spread over 42.71 km2. There are 23 wards out of which, only 4 wards are fully covered with piped water supply, 9 are partially covered and 10 are non-covered. Most of the town area is uneven and undulating in topography making is difficult to sustain water pressure at last mile. It may be noted that MCL has got its own water supply arrangement in MCL colonies/ townships.

The present demand of water in BRJN is projected at 16 MLD against present supply of 3 MLD. The MCL funded project will add 4.5 MLD into the system. It will cover 55000 deigned population- 47000 of BRJN town and 8000 of 9 villages adjoining Samaleswari and Lajkura OCP of Ib Valley Area. These villages have been added into the scheme of things at the insistence of MCL. The scheme is designed for a supply rate of 70 litre per capita per day (LPCD).

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