Mamtaji Singhania Inaugurates slew of CSR projects

Report by Badal Tah; Rayagada, January 18: Madam Mamtaji Singhania, President SPARSH and the CSR wing of JK Paper Mills Ltd(JKPM), Rayagada inaugurated a rural mart in Rayagada and a solar micro irrigation project in Maudiguda and paid a visit to the broom binding unit at Rivolkana along with Mr. PK Mohapatra, DGM, NABARD.

In the broom binding unit at Rivolkana, the SHG members demonstrated the broom binding process where Singhania said, “Creating a brand for our broom is essential for popularizing it in the online platform”. Mamta Singhania and PK Mohapatra both encouraged the SHG members to practice broom binding with Siali rope instead of plastic to make it organic as it has wide market abroad and in metros.

At Maudiguda, where Singhania inaugurated the micro solar irrigation project, was elated by famer’s response to the project. She encouraged the farmers to cultivate the vegetables as per the market demand and assured the hand holding of SPARSH, the CSR wing of JK Paper. Mr. Mahapatra stressed on the grave issue of farmer’s suicide and informed the farmers about the benefits available in NABARD. He also emphasised on production of various farm products in collaboration with SPARSH to increase their market potential.

The micro solar irrigation project at Maudiguda will cater the irrigation problem for 45 farmers of the village covering 26 acres of farm land. Similar project is planned to be replicated in 10 villages of Kolanara and Rayagada block. The Rural Mart project at Rayagada will provide marketing platform to Maa Thakurani SHG, Bada Chandili. The project is in collaboration with NABARD to strengthen the SHG and create business opportunity. The mart will also be a hub to showcase and create interest for the indigenous forest products which are gradually losing with popularity. She also visited the paper plate making unit, an individual enterprise supported by Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust(BYST) and encouraged the rural producers.

“Sustained visits and monitoring by by higher authorities like Mamataji Singhania coupled with officers from financial institutions like NABARD will not only boost the growth of rural products & economy in the peripheral villages of JKPM but also boost the morale of rural producers including tribals of the district”, said Sri Bijay Mishra, a senior scribe, BYST mentor and a farmer entrepreneur from Kolnara block of Rayagada.



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