Madhya Pradesh High court hosts proceedings live

Bhopal: The live streaming of courtroom proceedings has been a much debated topic around the world but has been largely settled of late, with judicial establishments in most countries, especially with democratic dispensations, ruling in the favor of the same. In India the Hon’ble Supreme Court, in a judgment in the Swapnil Tripathi case, has also vocally advocated a move towards greater transparency of and in the courtroom by telecasting the proceedings live. The judgment can be considered landmark not only for its farsightedness but also for the extent of the research and deliberations that have gone into pronouncing it.

“Indisputably, open trials and access to the public during hearing of cases before the Court is an accepted proposition.”

In order to imbue greater transparency, inclusivity and foster access to justice, it was proposed to enable live-streaming of court proceedings to all the Stakeholders.

The High Court of Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur has taken initiatives for live streaming of court proceedings of the High Court and pilot of Live streaming started from 21.06.2021 in the Court of Hon’ble the Chief Justice and from 28.06.2021 onwards the final Live streaming of court proceedings of the High Court has been started from Division Bench-I of Hon’ble Shri Justice Mohammad Rafiq, Chief Justice High Court of Madhya Pradesh. The live streaming of Court proceedings are available through website of the High Court using digital platform “YouTube” and giving benefits to all respective stake holders. As on 15.07.2021, total 10 courts number of Court proceedings are live streamed at High Court of Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur and Bench at Indore and Gwalior and plan has been made that by the month end of July, 2021 of the High Court of MP, Jabalpur and its Bench at Indore and Gwalior shall be live streamed.

Similarly, moving ahead High Court of Madhya Pradesh has also taken necessary steps to implement Integrated Video Surveillance System (IVSS) & Courtroom Live Audio-visual Streaming System (CLASS) at 50 District & Sessions Courts & 157 Tehsil Courts in the State of Madhya Pradesh . The IVSS implementation is envisioned to comprise of Video Management System, Access Control System, Visitor Screening System & Video Monitoring System, integration of various technologies, Local & Wide Area Network, Courtroom Audio-visual Recording System, Archiving & Live as well as on- demand Streaming Set-up, Setting up of Data Center & Command & Control Center at Jabalpur & a Disaster Recovery set-up at Indore, Facility Management Services and Operation & Maintenance of the System for a period of 5 years.

The project envisages a solution for recording, live-streaming, archiving, its retrieval based on video-on-demand through MPHC website and integration with MPHC’s CIS (Case Information System) of audio-visual content (video, synchronized audio & VC content) associated with courtroom proceedings of District Judiciary .

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