Madhya Pradesh Forest department prepared One crore saplings of rare endangered species

Bhopal : As many as One crore saplings of 32 rare endangered species have been prepared by the Forest department. These plants, which are used in daily life and in the form of medicine, are also the mean of income for the villagers and forest dwellers. The general public can buy these plants at the rate ranging between Rs. 12 and 15 from the nurseries of the Forest department.

The uselfulness of endangered species like Bija, Achaar, haldu, Maida, Salai, Kullu, Guggal, Dahiman, Sheesham, Lodhra, Padar, Sonpatha, Tinsa, Dhankat, Kusum, Bharangi, Malkangni, Kalihari, Mahul, Gudmaar, Nirgundkand, Kevkand, Gulbakawli,Manjishth, Brahmini etc. is still significant today. The forest department has started work by preparing a long term plan to save these species. The endangered plant species include Dahiman, Sonpatha, Lodhra and Guggal. Similarly, Sheesham, Bija, Padar (Ardhkapari), Kullu and Kaitha come under the Vulnerable category. Near Threatened category includes Salai, Achaar (Chironji), Dhankat (Dhamin), Anjan, Tinsa, Haldu and Kusum.

The Principal Chief Conservator of Forests Shri P.C. Dubey informed that the saplings of excellent quality of 165 other species are also available in the 171 nurseries of the Forest department. Information about the availability of saplings is available on the portal of the department as well as at regional offices and M.P. Online. He further said that these rare endangered species have common and specific usefulness. Many rare species have economic and cultural importance in the daily life of the local forest dwellers.

The Bija tree is used as fodder, wood, medicines, and in manufacturing of musical instruments like Dholak and Tabla. Full with medicinal properties, the fruit of Achaar is popular among animals and birds and its bark and gum are used to make medicine. Haldu wood is yellow in colour, which is used in curing bile and jaundice. Medicine is made from Maida’s bark. Gum of Salai, Kullu, Guggal is also used in producing medicines for many diseases. Antidote medicine is made from Dahiman tree for blood pressure and mouth ulcers. Sheesham is used as timber and medicine. Medicines are also made from Lodhra, Padar and Sonpatha. Tinsa and Dhankat are known for fodder and timber. Besides use of Kusum tree as fodder and timber as well as in silkworms rearing, it is used in producing oil and medicine.

It is to be mentioned that about 216 tree species are found in Madhya Pradesh. Decline has been recorded in number, availability, proliferation, abundance and reproduction but their usefulness remains constant. Serious change has also been witnessed in tree species like shrub, grass and climber etc. The Forest Department has started work to save these species. The Department has not only started working towards conservation by identifying them, it has also put a complete stop to any kind of deforestation. Out of the prepared saplings, 10 percent saplings are being planted in the forest area.

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