Madhya Pradesh disposes 73 lakh kg of medical waste generated on first day of mega vaccination campaign

Bhopal: For the prevention of corona infection, 17 lakh people were vaccinated during the vaccination campaign organised on June 21. 72 lakh 93 thousand 303 kg of medical waste generated in the vaccination campaign was collected and 69 lakh 2 thousand 935 kg medical waste was safely disposed through 13 common biomedical waste treatment facilities. The disposal of the remaining 3 lakh 90 thousand 368 kg waste is currently under process. Member Secretary, Pollution Control Board, Shri A.A. Mishra informed that for the vaccination mega-drive, syringes, needles, vials, cotton, etc. waste material was collected from one thousand 165 focal points, and it is being disinfected, shredding, autoclaving and incinerated through Medical Waste Treatment Facility.

Shri Mishra informed that control rooms were set up at the regional level in view of the importance of Mega Vaccination Dry Programme and the generated bio-medical waste and the incinerator operators collected and transported category wise waste material according to the colour code and made safe disposal.

He said that at the beginning of the mega vaccination campaign, instructions were given to all the officers that the medical waste material generated after vaccination should be duly disposed of on the same day as far as possible. For continuous monitoring of disposal work, arrangements have been made for PTZ camera and online monitoring system in the Environment Centre of the Board. The vehicles being used for transportation of medical waste were also monitored through GPS system.

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