Madhya Pradesh CM addresses about project ‘Ankur’

Bhopal: Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that an extensive tree plantation campaign ‘Ankur’ has been initiated with public participation in order to expand green cover of the state, to create a clean environment and a state full of vitality. The aim of Ankur campaign is to increase the absorption of carbon dioxide by trees and the emission of oxygen in the atmosphere.

In his message to the people, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan, said that one has to download ‘Vayudoot App’ on mobile and get self-registered for public participation in ‘Ankur’ programme.

Participation certificates will be awarded to the selected participants for planting and taking care of fruit-bearing and huge trees. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan has appealed that more and more citizens should participate in this sacred environmental yagya by joining the campaign of massive tree plantation ‘Ankur’ with enthusiasm and contribute to protection and promotion of environment.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th June with the aim of increasing awareness among common citizens about the environment and motivating them for positive work related to conservation and promotion. The main theme of this year’s Environment Day is the revival of ecosystem. Human life cannot be imagined without nature. It is necessary to understand the importance of the relationship of human beings with trees, plants, forests, mountains, rivers, lakes and land etc. Living with the spirit of companionship and peace with nature is the need of the hour.

Trees and vegetation are an important link in the ecosystem. The presence of dense trees and abundant vegetation indicates that the ecosystem is safe and active. Today natural resources are being adversely affected due to the necessity of development.The adverse consequences of man-made imbalances in the environmental system are surfacing in the form of climate change, imbalance in biodiversity and epidemics. So we have to keep our environment clean. In order to keep the atmosphere pure and increase the availability of oxygen, trees must be planted in a larger number. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan greeted the citizens on World Environment Day.

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