Madhya Pradesh approves Covid Bal Seva Yojana for 34 districts

Bhopal: Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that the rejected applications under the Mukhya Mantri Covid Anukampa Niyukti Yojana should be re-examined from humanitarian point of view. Our objective is to provide the benefit of the scheme to the actual person, not to reduce the numbers. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan informed that there are 34 districts of the state where approval has been given in 100 percent cases under Mukhyamantri Covid Bal Seva Yojna.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan was reviewing the Mukhyamantri Covid 19 Bal Seva Yojna, Anukampa Niyukti and Covid 19 Vishesh Anugraha Sahayata Yojanas being run with the objective of providing financial strength to the families of the victims of Covid 19 at Mantralaya today.

Mukhyamantri Covid-19 Bal Seva Yojna

Financial and food security is being provided to the children of families affected by the sudden death of parents earning livelihood in the families due to Covid-19 infection, so that the children can complete their education and lead a dignified life. The amount was transferred into the accounts of 178 child beneficiaries only after eight days of this scheme launched by Chief Minister Shri Chouhan on May 21, 2021. So far, an amount of Rs 19 lakh 80 thousand has been transferred online into the accounts of 736 beneficiary children under the scheme.

Mukhyamantri Covid Anugraha Sahayata Yojana

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that so far 758 cases have been received under the Mukhyamantri Covid-19 Vishesh Anugraha Sahayata Yojana. Out of this, action has been taken on 63 approved applications and payment of One crore 53 lakh 68 thousand 874 has been made. In this, 49 cases were resolved in 6 divisions, out of which maximum 22 cases were resolved in Neemuch, Shajapur and Agar-Malwa of Ujjain division, 13 in Shivpuri, Ashoknagar, Datia of Gwalior division and one each case was resolved in Seoni, Burhanpur and Chhatarpur districts.

Mukhyamantri Covid Anukampa Niyukti Yojana

While reviewing the compassionate appointment cases, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that the rejected applications should be examined with sensitivity. In the Mukhyamantri Covid-19 Anukampa Niyukti Yojana starting from May 2021, 1039 applications have been received, out of which 236 were rejected as they were out of the purview of rules. Action is in progress on 604 applications under the scheme, out of which appointment orders of 238 applicants are being issued.

Under this scheme, all the regular, permanent employees, work-loaded and casual salary earners, daily wage earners, ad-hoc, contractual, at collector rates, outsourced, working as honorarium servants / servicemen are eligible.

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