Kamat Hotels India Ltd. to help restore forest cover in Odisha by using of seed balls

Bhubaneswar: Asia’s pioneering hospitality chain of environmentally sensitive 5 star hotels and resortsKamat Hotel India Ltd issuccessfully running its hotel brands in cities like Pune, Mumbai, Goa Bhubaneswar, Puri etc. havetaken the initiative to help rebuild the forest cover in Odisha using seed balls. Over 50lakhs trees were destroyed leaving the forest barren in Odisha due to Cyclone Fani.

‘We plan to plant as many seed balls as possible before the onset of monsoon to ensure they bloom into magnificent trees. This is our way of giving back to Odisha, where we’ve operating Lotus Eco Beach Resort Konark &Mahodadhi Palace Puri for 10 years now. This is our home and we’ll try our best to rebuild its green cover. This small effort will help in shaping the future of the coming generations to come as they would be able to breathe in an healthy environment and enjoy the fruits of the foundation laid by the present generation After all, this is the very ethos of KamatKhandan’, said Vishal Kamat, Directorof Kamat Hotels India Limited.

The seed balls are made from mud, organic compost, and seeds. The advantage of these seedballs is that it can be thrown anywhere where there is land to grow, provided that the soil isn’t too dry compact, or dense with other vegetation. Also, these seed balls are easy to plant as compared to saplings. The hotel’s employees would be preparing these seed balls inhousealong with local authorities, with only one aim in mind- to give back as much as they can to rebuild green Odisha cause.


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