KALIA Scheme: Photocopy of “Green Form’’ can also be used by farmers

Bhubaneswar: The State Government has urged the farmers not to pay anything to any middlemen to get the “Green Forms’’ in order to apply for KALIA Scheme (Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation).
Farmers can easily fill up the “Green Forms’’ and should drop them only in the “Green Boxes’’ at the Gram Panchayat office, himself/herself, positively.
In case there is any difficulty in getting the “Green Forms’’ farmers can also now use the photocopies of the “Green Forms’’ from the advertisement published in local newspapers by the Odisha Government.
The State Government has also urged the farmers to download the “Green Forms’’ from the website of KALIA Scheme www.kalia.co.in, print them and fill them up as their application. They can also take the photocopies of the “Green Forms’’ available with other villagers or farmers and after duly filling the papers drop them in the “Green Boxes’’.
KALIA Scheme was launched by the State Government on December 22, with an objective to accelerate agricultural prosperity and reduce poverty across Odisha. The State Government has also urged all the small and marginal farmers, cultivators, vulnerable agriculture households and landless agriculture labourers to visit office of every gram panchayat and join KALIA Scheme as per the laid down eligibility criteria.
KALIA Barta, an innovative information service by the Odisha Government to facilitate dissemination of information to farmers about the KALIA Scheme, has added more than 2.57 lakh farmers till date.
While more than 19.53 lakh SMS were sent to people wanting to know about the KALIA Scheme, by this afternoon, more than 3.12 lakh people have so far visited the website www.kalia.co.in to know more about the new scheme for the farmers.
Any farmer wanting to get information on KALIA Scheme can register for Kalia Barta by giving a “missed call’’ to the Telephone No: 08061174222. All information about KALIA Scheme will also be sent to his phone number through SMS and Voice Calls from time to time.

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