“KAL Achieving Historic Milestones with Arenq”


Thiruvananthapuram: After taking over the distribution of e-autos of Kerala Government’s public sector undertaking, Kerala Automobiles Limited, Arenq has started distribution centers all over India. This partnership equips KAL with batteries, motors, and controllers while also exploring opportunities to export vehicles overseas.

Arenq CEO VG Anil explains, “We’re thrilled to offer sales and servicing for KAL autos nationwide, supported by a three-year service warranty. Our partnership with Ready Assist, a startup with extensive Indian coverage, ensures that support is readily available.” Arenq is poised to drive major changes in India’s electric vehicle sector, with KAL as a valuable collaborator.

KAL’s success is closely linked to its partnership with Arenq. Despite past challenges tarnishing KAL’s reputation in various regions, KAL Chairman Pulluvila Stanley is confident that Arenq’s involvement will restore its national and international standing.

Arenq, renowned for its UPS and solar batteries, strategically transitioned into electric battery production. Their agreement with Lucas TVS to supply motors and controllers for electric vehicles is just one of many steps in their ambitious plan to reshape the electric vehicle market.

Together, Arenq and KAL are poised to revolutionize India’s automobile industry, ushering in an era of electric mobility.

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