JioSaavn launches ArtistOne mobile app to empower artists to take control of their music with real time data 


  • Artists can now engage with their audiences and use information to build their fanbase in real-time

  • ArtistOne is designed to provide everything required to increase an artist’s  fanbase, understand the audience better, and take their music career to the next level


Mumbai: JioSaavn, India’s leading audio streaming service with 100 mn+ MAUs, announced the launch of the mobile version of ArtistOne. Launched in 2021, ArtistOne is a platform specifically designed to enable artists to keep track of key performance indicators of their content on JioSaavn. With the launch of the  mobile version, JioSaavn aims to make artist data more accessible and aid artists to build on their fanbase and expand their audiences.. 

Profiles on the application will feature details like – artist summary, milestones, language wise rank, shorties (short videos) and playlists to showcase artist portfolio. Artists can also see all their uploads on their page and arrange them to their preferences. With native feature integrations, artists can use the app to share milestones and customize their page on the go. In addition to this,  with audience insights that are powered by rich consumption data of millions of JioSaavn listeners, artists can fine-tune their music strategy and connect with their audience on a deeper level. 

With access to information about listener interactions and platform responses, artist managers and labels can also track performances of individual releases and albums, to create effective marketing strategies. They can also integrate social media profiles for increased engagement and real-time information updates with existing and potential audiences. 

With the launch of the ArtistOne mobile application, JioSaavn aims to provide its artists with the best tools to reach their optimum potential across pan India audiences. The platform provides insights from various verticals of the music industry for new artists to plan their growth trajectory. 


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