Ishwar Choudhary’s Impactful Drive for Child Education in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: The state of Odisha has hundreds of rural villages and tribal sections which remain poverty stricken. Although the Government has been working towards resolving such problems, social activists and Non Government Organizations prove to be extraordinary in undertaking charity and upliftment projects yielding quicker results without the various problems of red tape.

Ishwar Choudhary is a social worker from the state of Rajasthan who has now branched out his campaigns of child education and programmes of health and welfare in other parts of India. In the context of Odisha, Ishwar Choudhary has worked independently to visit rural and tribal areas and undertake campaigns with the objective of informing the disadvantaged people about the resources of education and health for their children. With rural families living in poverty and underemployment for decades, it becomes difficult to convince them to give their children a chance to educate themselves. Ishwar Choudhary has designed his awareness programmes and campaigns in such a way so that the rural and downtrodden sections of society widen their perspectives on education, health and child welfare.

Ishwar has made education opportunities available to hundreds of underprivileged children in Odisha. At his own expense, he has enrolled them in certified Government schools and provided for their uniforms, shoes, books, notebooks and stationery. Ishwar is also involved in hosting child friendly awareness and health programmes. Children are informed about the concepts of sanitation and hygiene. He believes that for an all round development of children, they need to be educated about everything that is or will be of relevance to them.

Ishwar Choudhary is a dedicated social activist who works independently. Recently, during the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, he extended help to various rural families which were short on food grains and vegetables. He continues to work in the direction of social service and activity.

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