Involve private sector in T.B. treatment control efforts: Madhya Pradesh Governor Patel

New Delhi : Governor Mangubhai Patel has said that support must be sought for T.B. disease testing and treatment efforts from industries and businesses prone to the spread of the disease. TB public awareness work should be done regarding the causes of disease, information related to treatment. Before organizing health camps, programmes should be organized in the concerned area through various mediums of audio-visual media. Governor Shri Patel was holding talks with the office bearers of the T.B. Association at Raj Bhavan today.

Governor Shri Patel said that primary health facilities should be established with the cooperation of the employers in such activities, which are likely to cause tuberculosis. He said that the sooner the disease is detected, the sooner it is treated. Therefore, along with the efforts of wide public awareness regarding the causes of the disease, complete treatment should be given to the patient, for this, innovations should be made. He said that constant monitoring of work is must to achieve the target. There should be sector wise, task wise, weekly, monthly and quarterly reviews of disease control efforts. He also told to ensure implementation at village level, so that the action plan is updated on the basis of ground realities.

Honorary Secretary of T.B. Association Dr. G.P. Saxena welcomed the Governor. The vote of thanks was given by Shri Jaipal Sachdev. Information was given about the works being done by the Association and the efforts being made for eradication of T.B. in the state. It was told that an app is operated to get information through chemist for the identification of the patient. Madhya Pradesh is the only state in the country where efforts are being made to eradicate the disease with the participation of private sector.

On this occasion the Principal Secretary to the Governor, D.P. Ahuja, State Tuberculosis Officer Dr. Varsha Rai, District Tuberculosis Officer Dr. Manoj Verma, office bearers and members of the committee were present.

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