Internationally Acclaimed Sand Artist Manas Sahoo creates Sand Art on the occasion of “World TB DAY”

Puri: Internationally acclaimed Sand Artist Manas Sahoo creates Sand Art at Puri with message ‘The Clock is Ticking’ in an effort eradicate tuberculosis Worldwide and have TB free Society.

This year’s theme is The Clock Is Ticking. Efforts are being made to eradicate Tuberculosis worldwide. The goal is to complete the effort by 2025. International Sand artist Mr.Manas has created his sand art based on this theme. He portrays LUNGS through his sand art, and shows that a TB-free society is slowly being built around the world through the efforts of Doctors.

The sand Art is 15 feet wide and uses 15 tonnes of sand. It took Mr.Manas about 7 hours to build it which engraves the message saying “World TB Day” along with the theme of this year i.e “The Clock is Ticking”. The Sand Art was inaugurated by Sub Collector Mr. Saraj Swain, CDMPHO Dr. Sujata Mishra, and ADPHO TB Dr. Lalatendhu Mishra,Puri.


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