International Sand Artist Manas Sahoo created sand sculpture On the occasion of 70th Indian Army Day

Puri: International Sand Artist Manas Sahoo has created a sand art at Manas Sahoo Sand Art Park situated at golden sea-beach of Baliapanda, near Light House Sea-Beach of Puri City, in the memory of brave soldiers and to pay homage to them who protect us day and night and have sacrificed their lives for the nation. In his art, Mr. Sahoo portrays the brave Army men and have scribed the brave deeds of our brave soldiers. Their sacrifice in protecting our nation is so prominent that the story of their bravery is endless. To give respect to those great brave soldiers Manas Sahoo in his Sand Art Park has built a scripture where the acts of bravery of our brave soldiers have been scribed.

This sculpture is of 15” feet in height where “Salute to Our Heroes” is the message which has been given. It took him three hours to build this sculpture.

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