International Sand Artist Manas Kumar Sahoo is paying a tearful homage to the Rifleman Mr. Aurangzeb

Puri: At Puri sea-beach, Indian Sand Artist Shri Manas Kumar Sahoo through his sand art is paying a tearful homage to the deceased Rifleman Mr. Aurangzeb who was abducted and killed by the terrorists in the District of Pulwama coming under the State of Jammu and Kashmir. Soldiers who are the real heroes sacrifice their lives to protect our citizens and our motherland. In the same way Rifleman Mr. Aurangzeb has attained martyrdom with a smile on his face, fearlessly, to protect our homeland. At the Sand Art Park, Mr. Sahoo through his sand art has paid homage to this brave soldier.

In order to pay homage to the Rifleman Mr. Aurangzeb, in this sand art, along with the tri-color flag, and the symbol of Amar Jyoti he has given the message of “Tribute to Fearless Rifleman Aurangzeb”.

This sand art is of 20 feet of width, and some 20 tonnes of sand is used to make it. To built this sculpture it took Mr. Sahoo and the students of his Institute nearly seven hours to complete


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