Institute of Town Planners, India Odisha Chapter organised East Zone Conference on “Transit Oriented Development” & “Future Sports City, Bhubaneswar”

Bhubaneswar: Institute of Town Planners, India Odisha Regional Chapter, Bhubaneswar organised East Zone Conference on “Transit Oriented Development” & “Future Sports City, Bhubaneswar” on 19th October 2019 at Hotel New Marrion, Bhubaneswar.

While inaugurating the East Zone Conference Shri Pratap Jena, Honorable Minister for Panchayati Raj & Drinking Water, Law, Housing and Urban Development, Odisha, in his inaugural address mentioned that Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation and Bhubaneswar Development Authority are working together for planned and orderly development of Bhubaneswar. However, private sector is also required to be encouraged in the provision of infrastructure in the town.
Hon’ble Minister has also opined for the re-densification of core areas of Bhubaneswar for fast mobility for which strong and planned transport network is required to be provided along with high density mixed land-use connecting transport nodes. With reference to “Future Sports City, Bhubaneswar” he mentioned that Bhubaneswar city requires to be developed on the theme ” Sports for Youth and Youth for Sports” so as to conceive Bhubaneswar as Future Sports Capital of the country.
Shri Prem Chandra Chaudhary, IAS Commissioner, BMC and VC, BDA, Bhubaneswar in his address as Guest of Honour, underlined that applying Transport Oriented Development will differ from city to city. He has also emphasized that basic amenities are required to be provided to create livable environment in our towns and cities. He has also stated that as the Master Plan period is of about to 20 years, it will be most appropriate to opt for shorter solutions/goals without affecting the original concept of Master Plans.
Prof. D.S. Meshram, President, Institute of Town Planners, India; in his presidential address highlighted that while adopting Transit Oriented Development concept in cities, extra care is required to be taken in the existing areas because the surroundings of existing transit stations are already congested with heavy traffic and increasing again high density mixed land-use will further increase the traffic many fold. As far as the application of TOD concept in the new growth centres, the planners has to take into consideration that the story of the existing transit nodes in not repeated. With reference to “Future Sports City, Bhubaneswar” is concerned, he mentioned that Bhubaneswar has already successfully conducted the World Hockey Cup during 2018 which got lot of appreciation from national and international agencies. He was also of the opinion that Bhubaneswar as a capital of Odisha is functioning very well without damaging the character of “Temple City” of Bhubaneswar and planning Bhubaneswar as “Future Sports City” will also not damage the character of Bhubaneswar but, will make it vibrant more town performing multiple functions.
In the innagural session welcome address was given by Shri L.P. Patnaik, Chairman, Odisha Regional Chapter and the Theme was introduced by Shri Pradeep Kapoor, Secretary General, ITPI. While, vote of thanks were extented by Shri Swasti Binayak Das, Secretary ORC, ITPI, Bhubaneswar.
TECHNICAL SESSION I on the Theme “Transit Oriented Development” was chaired by Prof. Dr. D. S. Meshram, President, ITPI, in which presentations were made by Shri Bankim Kalra, Dr. Pitabasa Sahoo, Prof. Utpal Shrama, Prof. Nikhil Ranjan Mandal and Shri N. K. Patel. Shri Samarebdra Jena was the Rapporteur.
TECHNICAL SESSION II on the Theme “Future Sports City: Bhubaneswar” was chaired by Shri Pradeep Kapoor, Secretary General, ITPI, in which presentations were made by Prof. Dr. Jayant Kumar Routray, Prof. Dr. Shrawan Kumar Acharya and Dr. Piyush R. Rout. Shri A. K. Dutta was the Rappoteur.
In the Valedictory Session Shri Prem Kumar Jha, IFS Special Secretary to the Government, Housing and Urban Development Department was the Chief Guest. While, Prof. Dr D. S. Meshram, President, ITPI chaired the session. The vote of thanks were extended by Shri Pradeep Kapoor, Secretary General, ITPI.
After detailed discussions and deliberations, following recommendations emerged:
Transit Oriented Development
• Transit Oriented development be enforced at micro level by following the bottom up approach.
• In TOD concept differential FAR needs to be adopted.
• While permitting multi storied high density buildings near transport nodes, safety aspects needs to be given high priority.
• TOD should focus on pedestrians and cyclists.
• Parking needs to be provided near high density mixed land use zones/ buildings.
• Existing Building Bylaws should make provision towards TOD.
• Premium FSI should be encouraged to raise the money for acquiring the remaining land.
• Redevelopment proposals of Smart City should be clubbed with TOD.
• In TOD preference be given to EWS, LIG and MIG who will be in fact using public transport and not to the HIG who will be using the personal transport.
Future Sports City: Bhubaneswar
• The participation of private sector in providing infrastructure both physical and social, in Sports City be encouraged by giving them certain incentives.
• The sports complex should focus on integrated sports theme, so that sporting events catalyze activities like tourism, conventions and festivals.
• The Future Sports City: Bhubaneswar should be developed on the theme “Sports for Youth and Youth for Sports”.
• Sport City should provide for wide range of sport activities ranging from training to budding sportsmen and women, provide access to residents and enhance lifestyle and create new sports culture.
• To develop Bhubaneswar as Sport City, Regional context should be taken into consideration by developing sports infrastructure in Cuttack and Puri to diversify the sports activities.

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