Indian Air Force (IAF) Helicopter Fleets Play Vital Role in War and Peace, Including Nation Building and Civil Aid Operations

The Transport and Helicopter fleets of Indian Air Force (IAF) undertake varied war and peacetime tasks. In addition to the peacetime role of sustaining our troops by air maintenance, airlift of combat troops during domestic and international exercises, etc, a number of tasks towards nation building are undertaken. IAF has particularly been on the forefront in aid to civil power. During the General Elections-2024, substantial flying effort has taken place over the last few months by the medium lift helicopters (Mi-17 Variants), light utility helicopters (Chetaks) and the indigenously manufactured Advanced Light Helicopters (ALH) Dhruv.

lAF has been actively involved with the task of airlifting electronic voting machines and deploying Election Commission of India (ECI) personnel on election duties, as has been carried out during previous General/ Assembly elections. During General Elections 2024, IAF played a pivotal role in extending the reach of ECI into remote corners of the country and to places where movement by road was a security concern. The task was time bound as polling officers had to be positioned at each remote polling station within two days prior to the election date and de-inducted on the day of polling.

IAF played a vital role in five of the seven phases of General Election-2024, flying over 1000 hours in over 1750 sorties. This herculean task was achieved through close coordination with ECI and Chief Election Commissioners (CECs) of various States through nodal officers in order to optimize utilisation of assets factoring security, weather, road connectivity, etc. Helicopter assets of Indian Army (IA) and BSF were also dovetailed into the overall plan towards smooth conduct of General Elections-2024.


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